Animus Studios

This role is U.S. based and will occasionally require working at our office outside of Providence, RI and/or Boston, MA. When being at the office isn't needed, working remotely is totally fine by us.

======= Sound good? Take a look at the job description below. =======

Do you love carving up video footage like Michelangelo working on the Statue of David? Or maybe you’re more into chopping it up like Dana Carvey and broccoli? Awesome. We’ve got a job for you.

We’ve been pretty busy filming lots and lots of video content. The problem? We need help editing it. Of course, we’re not just looking for any old editor. Nope. We want someone with a passion for video. Someone who is organized and professional, but quirky, fun and willing to try something new. This isn’t an old post-production mindset where a producer tells you what to do. We need someone who can uncover the story and assemble it without being micromanaged. It’s not all about work. We love people who take their job seriously and want to get better at their craft, but the right candidate should also love being part of a team and genuinely enjoy this industry.

A Little More About the Role

  • Exceptional organization skills and able to adapt and follow the rules of our system perfectly
  • Awareness of the entire post-production process from ingest to delivery. Foreseeing bottlenecks in massive batch exporting and avoiding them.
  • Experience in collaborating with other post departments and how they fit into the workflow (GFX, color, audio).
  • Ability to quickly build several narratives out of long form interviews (i.e. making 3 short stories out of a 45 minute interview) while staying consistent with organizational standards and making content easily searchable by others.
  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro & Media Encoder.
  • Able to communicate effectively with several clients at once, for multiple projects, along with the help of a producer.
  • Proficient in color correcting and audio mixing skill - make sure videos look and sound good, and all cohesively match.
  • A taste for music and editing in music, understanding the tone of certain videos and seeking out the right songs.
  • Understanding how to place and cut B-Roll correctly and with the right tempo for a given video or series of videos.
  • 3-5 years of professional experience is preferred

About Animus Studios

Animus Studios is a video strategy and production company currently located in Riverside, RI. Our small, passionate team works with a range of mid- to large-sized businesses to develop their video strategy and produce videos. We’re looking for someone who shares our passion for this business, has fun making awesome videos, and truly cares about helping clients. Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.