Animus Studios

This role is U.S. based and while 100% remote totally works for us, we'd prefer to hire someone located near our office outside of Providence, RI.

======= Sound good? Take a look at the job description below. =======

If you've got a great eye for motion, the skills to back it up, and love to work with fun, creative folks, then you've found the right place!

Animus Studios is looking for an experienced motion designer who loves their craft and is looking to be part of a team. If getting those keyframes juuuust right satisfies you to your very bones — you speak our language.

We’re looking for someone up to speed on all of the latest techniques for efficiently developing graphic templates (hello there, Mogrt). A keen eye for the subtleties that make a composition great. Motivated movement. A passion for graphic styles that are on-trend and current. A clear skill set in AE with standard mograph techniques and desire to build your bag of tricks (i.e. get better with expressions, VFX, Cavalry, 3D).

While our ideal candidate is both a great designer and an experienced animator, our priority is animation. In other words, if you’re good at design and great at motion, that’s perfect. If you’re great at both, even better.

I suppose this is where we mention all that stuff about the ability to work well independently and collaboratively while having exceptional communication and staying super organized. Basically, just be a nice, neat, humble human, and talk to your coworkers on occasion. Oh, nowadays you can work from home or our studio.

We are seeking a full-time candidate and are offering salary and benefits, including healthcare and retirement.

It's great if you're located near our studio in Providence, but it's totally fine if you're in another part of the country.

What will your responsibilities be?

  • Support video-based projects by helping to develop their motion identity, collaborating with producers and editors to determine project needs, and by setting up mogrts/editor tool kits containing:
    • Lower Thirds, Text Boards, Callouts, Transitions, Infographics, Icons, Logo Animations, etc.
  • Handle fully-animated explainers, B2C product promos, commercial marketing, and branded content from start to finish.
    • Collaborate with the team on Ideation, LookDev, Storyboarding, Styleframes.
    • Assemble, Animate, Edit, and Adjust animations with project goals in mind.

What skills are required?

  • You’re a virtuoso when it comes to After Effects… making the curves of the graph editor into their own work of art, rigging intuitive mogrts, controlling your viewers’ eye, and just generally knowing when and how to make things move in a particular way.
  • Your portfolio shows a strong understanding of motion design principles, as well as an attention to layout, typography, detail, and craft.
  • You are well-versed in all aspects of motion design; how to establish a consistent visual narrative, to create an internal logic or “why” that motivates different decisions, and understand how various animated elements will relate to one another across time to communicate effectively.
  • Several years of real-world experience in an agency setting or in-house with a creative team.
  • You’re big on attention-to-detail and efficiency... writing expressions to set up complex relationships (linear expression ftw!), keeping things organized, using master properties and essential graphics, knowing your hotkeys, utilizing 3rd party tools, and streamlining repeated tasks as much as possible.
  • You’re constantly keeping up with new techniques and trends.

What are some extra-awesome skills you might have?

  • You’ve dabbled or are skilled in any of the following:
    • C4D, vfx/compositing, cel/hand-drawn, Unity, Unreal, Cavalry, Houdini.

A bit more about Animus

Animus Studios is a video strategy and production agency currently located in Riverside, RI. Our small, passionate team works with a range of mid- to large-sized businesses to develop their video strategy and produce high-end video content. We’re looking for someone who shares our passion for this business, has fun making awesome animations, and truly cares about helping clients.

Here's a reel to give you an idea of what we've done... but we're excited to see what new directions we can take with you on our team!